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January 8, 2012

chunky blanky



It seems like an age since I began working on my sunburst blanket.

I love the way it’s coming together but it’s very slow.

So, I thought that it was about time  that I  had a crochet project that would be fast!

Inspired by my chunky scarf, I decided to try my hand at making a chunky blanky.

So far……so good.  I have used doubled 8 ply yarn and an 8mm hook and it’s speedy.

I think I want 7 rows.  So far I have managed a row a day !

The design is still in progress.

More pics soon, as it comes together


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January 3, 2012

off the shelf

I have a new book on my shelf.

Fresh Quilting by  Malka Dubrawsky



If you like bright color and modern designs then it’s likely that you will love this book.

It’s full of interesting projects.  Everything from small pot holders, to full-sized quilts.

Malka also has a great  blog.  I just love her inspiring designs.


all images via fresh quilting


January 2, 2012



I am sitting here on my veranda (porch) sipping my coffee and  thinking about what this New Year will bring.

 I decided many years ago not to make resolutions at this time of the year, mainly because I could never keep them!

But I guess it is good time to set yourself a goal or two.

Since my blog is so new I am  looking forward to continuing to post often.

I really would like to improve my photography skills and I also want to spend more time on my crafty pursuits.

(Since we moved to China two years ago I am sad to say that I have not been so productive.)


But more importantly I am excited about all the new and interesting things that this year will bring.

Suprising things – some good and some, perhaps, not so good…..

If there is one thing that living abroad has taught me about life it is:

to always expect the unexpected, to be flexible and to embrace change.

So,  I wish you a Happy New Year and  I look forward to a great 2012.

Bring it on!!!