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November 10, 2012


the beginning of something new

the colors remind of a ripe juicy pomegranate


October 28, 2012

one year

now I’m home is one 

a look back over the past 12 months


October 14, 2012




finished and ready to use on those cold winter nights

here is my

chunky blanket 

 simple to make

doubled DK yarn and a 9mm hook

use trb stitches (dc for US) to crochet strips

my strips are 22 stitches wide

join the strips together with a dc (sc)

then add a dc (sc) edge


September 17, 2012


The pattern for my Sunbeam Granny is written.

Click on the image or use the drop down menu to be taken to the page.


September 15, 2012



an interesting variation on the classic ripple

the modern alchemy afghan

colorful, simple – love at first sight!

the free pattern can be found at lion brand yarn, but you will need to register to access it


September 7, 2012



Sunbeam is finished 

I’m so happy with the result

it makes me smile


January 8, 2012

chunky blanky



It seems like an age since I began working on my sunburst blanket.

I love the way it’s coming together but it’s very slow.

So, I thought that it was about time  that I  had a crochet project that would be fast!

Inspired by my chunky scarf, I decided to try my hand at making a chunky blanky.

So far……so good.  I have used doubled 8 ply yarn and an 8mm hook and it’s speedy.

I think I want 7 rows.  So far I have managed a row a day !

The design is still in progress.

More pics soon, as it comes together


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December 9, 2011

happy days



Today it was a sunny, pleasant day, but very cold.

 So I spent my time happily hooking my sunburst blanket.

 What a nice way to while away the hours.

 A cup or tea (or two) a cosy, place by the window in the sun.

 Just me and my hooky, hobby.



November 14, 2011



My Sunburst blanket is starting to take shape.

 Its always exciting when you start to join the blocks together.

   This doesn’t mean  that the end is in sight, I still have a long way to go before I finish.

But I am happy with the way it’s looking.


October 20, 2011



This is my first offical post.  I have been playing around with the appearance of my blog for way too long now, so I decided that it was time just to “get on with it” and start blogging.

I could begin by telling you about myself and my life here in Shanghai, and I guess that I will do that from time to time.   However  I don’t want to “bore you silly” and since it is afterall,  a crafty blog I thought that I would simply share with you one of the projects I’m working on………..

This is my Sunburst Blanket.   I really love this block and I was inspired by Sandra Juto’s gorgeous blanket and her wonderful photographs.

My photograph shows the beginnings of the block.   After this stage there is another round of white which changes the block into it’s final square shape.   I’m about halfway through having made about 50 blocks….. and yes thats right I need around 100 blocks for the size blanket that I want to make!

Progress on my blanket is a little slow at the moment as we are about to move house.  That will keep me busy for a little while but I’m sure I’ll still find time for some crafty relaxation!