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September 7, 2012



Sunbeam is finished 

I’m so happy with the result

it makes me smile


September 4, 2012

I’m loving…….


images on flickr via the rainbow room and het bovenhuis

January 3, 2012

off the shelf

I have a new book on my shelf.

Fresh Quilting by  Malka Dubrawsky



If you like bright color and modern designs then it’s likely that you will love this book.

It’s full of interesting projects.  Everything from small pot holders, to full-sized quilts.

Malka also has a great  blog.  I just love her inspiring designs.


all images via fresh quilting


December 29, 2011

red chair


Santa was very good to me this year.

He gave me a beautiful red chair and I love it!

I popped my loopy granny cushion onto it for the photos.

Eventually, it will find a new home in my craft room.

In the meantime, I am enjoying a wonderful and relaxing  holiday break.

I hope you are too.


December 15, 2011

color shop


Here are the spoils of my shopping trip to the Shanghai commodities market yesterday.

  It’s a great place to get crafty supplies.

When I got home and unpacked my goodies I realised just how colorful they were and I couldn’t resist taking a photo or two.

My favorite finds of the day were the gorgeous paper lanterns.

They come in all shapes and sizes, plain, printed and cut out and of course in every color of the rainbow.

These actually came from a shop called Paper Life .

Well worth a visit if  you like paper lanterns.


December 3, 2011

I’m loving……



I have always loved white interiors.

I have this idea that one day  I’ll have a house with white walls and painted white floorboards in every room.

Until then, I’ll just  have to be content with adding touches of white to the home.

Some flowers here, a candlestick there and a Christmas ornament or two.

White floorboards…….how lovely…….I’ll keep on dreaming!


By the way did you spy the cute, crocheted stars on the tree?

I wish I could say I made them, but I didn’t.

You can find them here


November 23, 2011



I had some baskets that I was using to store fabric and they were looking a little tatty.

I thought it might be nice to revamp them by adding a new lining.

The baskets were blue so of course the lining had to be red.


 I did a little cutting and sewing

fitted the lining to my baskets

then popped them into the cupboard to hold all my crafty goodies


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November 20, 2011

this week


Aqua and Red

My favorite color combination of the moment.



1. Brick Quilt Fabrics, 2. Love From The Oven red and aqua shower, 3. look better feel better, 4. Sail Away